Holman & Moody has completed a new Mark II Roadster
We have a limited number of our original chassis to be sold.

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"American Speed Show"
We have found an interview that was record about 2005 for a Swedish TV show
" American Speed " on Youtube. The introduction is in Swedish and it changes to English in a short time.
This video has my Mark II and our 1964 Fairlane in it as well.

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We have received FIA approval of our new Mark IIs.
Our first Mark II GT40P/201 has raced in Europe with an FIA Historic passport.

GT P Mark II
Car Class: GT Mark IIA Race Car

We are now taking orders for the next two
new Holman & Moody Mark IIs

Details, Options and Descriptions:
Color: choice of the new owner
Seats: Leather or as original
Wheels: Halibrand design magnesium with knock off wing nuts
Engine: Correct dry sump aluminum head 427 Ford FE
Carb: 1 4v Holley
Rear Fenders: Standard GT Mark II A
Oil coolers: Two, one engine, one transaxle
Rear Brake Scoops: Yes- two rear brake NASA type on rear deck
Roll Bar: Coupe Yes, as raced in 1967
Roadster yes in windshield frame and inside the "B" bulkhead
Exhaust: Stainless Steel headers
Modifications: Has 1967 Mark II B dry sump oil tank
To be built to full Le Mans race ready condition

GT Mark II

Lee Holman, President of Holman Automotive, Inc. and Holman Moody Inc., is producing new 1966
specification GT Mark II LeMans race cars. These cars are built at the Holman shops in Charlotte, NC using the original Ford GT Mark II blueprints, specifications, and base chassis that Holman Moody used to build their GT Mark IIs.

Ever since the Ford GT Mark II won LeMans more than 30 years ago, Holman Moody has been asked if an original Mark II could be remanufactured. Due to high tooling costs for such a small number of cars, Holman Moody only repaired or restored the few existing Mark IIs. Now, with the interest in vintage racing at an all time high and the number of inquires growing substantially, Lee Holman and a number of the original Ford LeMans team members decided to build a limited production of authentic racing LeMans Mark IIs.

These cars will have the advantage of the Holman Moody teams' vast racing experience, blueprints, race reports, and paper work from the Ford LeMans program. The Holman cars will be built just as they were raced, using original Mark II body molds, chassis from original tooling, Kar Kraft style transaxle, new 427 Ford dry sump engines, and a number of the original spare parts.
The parts that make this a true Mark II will all be just as raced so the owner will not only have the sound and the look, but also the feel of a true LeMans racing machine. Holman Automotive will offer the car as a Mark II A or Mark II B.

One of the most important aspects of this project is the people that Mr. Holman has pulled together to build these new Mark II race cars. These are the workers that helped Ford build and race the original LeMans GT, Mark IIs, and Mark IVs. They will assure that these new Mark IIs will be true to original design and as great as the Mark IIs that made history.


  Construction Produced by Tennant Panels in England, using Ford's tooling and jigs these original chassis are pressed steel monocoque made to the original Mark I GT blue prints. Modified to Mark II specifications at Holman & Moody by Jimmy Tucker and Jim Rose. Both men have extensive knowledge of the car and its history having built some of the original Mark II's and both were crew chiefs for Ford at LeMans.
  Front Suspension Independent double wishbone, anti-roll bar, adjustable shock absorbers with coil over springs, all parts interchangeable with the original cars Holman Moody built. There is an option of the Alan Mann style upper front A-arm which would allow for more front end adjustment.
  Rear Suspension Double trailing arms, lower wish bones, anti-roll bar, adjustable shock absorbers with coil over springs; all parts interchangeable with the original cars Holman Moody built.
  Front Brakes Girling C R type calipers, 11.56" vented disc, Girling master cylinder, bias bar as standard on the Ford Team cars; all parts interchangeable with the original cars Holman Moody built.
  Rear Brakes Girling C R type calipers, 11.56" vented disc, Girling master cylinder, Aeroquip lines and fittings, all parts interchangeable with the original cars Holman Moody built.
  Steering Magnesium casting original GT type rack and pinion; all parts interchangeable with the original cars Holman Moody built.
  Wheels Magnesium or Aluminum cast Mark II type wheels. Size will vary if the car is built as a Mark II A or B.
  Tires Type and quality appropriate to the use anticipated by the car owner.
  Instrumentation Standard is the Mark II A dash with tachometer, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, differential and transmission oil temperature and fuel pressure. Optional is the Mark II B aluminum dash with the same gages but switch locations are changed to a large dash box.
  Seats Mark I style cloth seats are standard with the option of the Mark II B fiber glass molded seats.
  Wiring Original Mark II type wiring loom made using the Ford blueprints.
Drive train    
  Engine Ford 427cu. in. medium riser with aluminum heads and intake, original new Ford cast iron block, built at the Holman Shop by Jimmy Tucker, the builder of race engines for the original GT Ford race teams as well as hundreds of 427 NASCAR engines.
  Carburetors Mark II A - one Holley four barrelMark II B, two four barrel carburetors.
  Exhaust Stainless steel 2.250" headers interchangeable with the original headers Holman Moody built for all the Mark II team cars.
  Oil System Ford style magnesium cast oil pan with pumps mounted in the aluminum front cover, aluminum oil cooler, aluminum Mark II B style rear oil tank, Aeroquip lines and fittings. The Mark II A front mounted oil tank is not recommended, but can be mounted.
  Cooling System Aluminum radiator, stainless steel and aluminum water pipes, aluminum water tank, twin cooling fans (not on original Mark II's)
  Fuel System Two fuel cells similar to original, each with its own fuel pump. A complete Mark II system which used 3 pumps and a number of valves can be mounted as an option. This system was hard to maintain, however, and is not recommended.
  Transmission Kar Kraft T-44 style 4 speed with magnesium case castings, ratios are changeable. This is the correct and original transmission for these cars.
  Body Mark II A or B style bodies are available with the parts made using original team molds and/or parts. Original air craft body latches are used. The glass work is fitted to the chassis better than Holman Moody did in 1966 and 1967.

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