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This Mark II Roadster GT 40/P 202 is now ready to be raced.
This unique car could be raced at all of the American sports car events
or it can be approved for FIA events in Europe.

Shown as part of the Ford display at the Laguna Seca events at the 2018 historic races

GT40/P 202 was built as a copy of the original X-1 Roadster that won Sebring in 1966
The X-1 chassis had been modified by Bruce McLaren's company
changing the fuel cell pods over to aluminum.
The joints bonding the aluminum to the steel were breaking on the rough Sebring track.
That is why the original X-1 chassis was scraped after the race.
We took the liberty of correcting the many problems built into the original X-1.
We did not replace the steel fuel cell pods with aluminum.
The two fuels cells for GT 40/P/ 202 are installed in the standard steel GT 40 side pods.
The transaxle is the standard Mark II design T-44 not the automatic.
We formed a steel bar around the windshield.
We also installed a hidden roll bar in the "B" column for safety.
The steering wheel is removable and a fire system was added.

Original design & quality Mark II parts used on this project
Ford FE 427 engine with the correct dry sump system
Aluminum medium riser heads with stainless steel valves and Ford rocker arms
Steel crankshaft with I beam rods and 10.5 to one compression pistons
Single 4 V Holley double pumper design with an aluminum hm intake
New T-44 Transaxle 4 speed with optional ratios available for the quick change gears
Stainless steel 2.250" headers with improved stainless collectors and trumpets
Original design suspension members, bearings, links, and sway bars
Girling CR calipers and vented 11.97" rotors mounted on magnesium uprights
Koni aluminum shocks with coil over springs
Magnesium 8.5" X 15" front wheels & 10.5" x 15" rear wheels
Fiber glass body panels made using the original Ford team body molds
Original chassis made in England using Ford 1965 tooling
Inspected and pre approved for FIA historic papers if required

This Mark II is on display at the Holman & Moody shop in Charlotte
The Mark II is like new with limited track usage mostly testing or VIP display laps.
The only required up fit needed to race would be new fuel cells to replace the dated cells in the car.
Please send inquires to Holman & Moody.

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