Wall art and shop signs
We do have some of these new items in stock.
More will be added soon.

These 14 gauge thick steel art works have been powder coated
so they can be used in or out of doors

These look like 3D model cars,
they are full color photos printed on flat steel plates
The photo shown is the 24" X 7" large Roadster Mark II.

We will have all three 1966 Le Mans winning Mark IIs,
so you can get the complete set

Part # Size Price
HMM2R5 Magnet $19.95
HMM2R12 12" x 5" $44.95
HMM2R24 24" X 7" $95.00

We have the large size in stock.

Part # Size Price
HMM2B12 12" X 5" $44.95
HMM2B23 22" X 11" $95.00

We only have the large size in stock.

Part # Size Price
HMM2W5 5.5" X 2.5" Magnet $19.95
HMM2W12 12"x 5" $44.95
HMM2W23 23" X 10" $95.00

Part # Size Price
HMM2CR 5.5"x2.5" Magnet $19.95
HMM2CR12 5" X 12" $44.95
HMM2CR20 8"x20" $95.00

Shop Signs

Part # Size Price
HMHMW4 4" Magnet $19.95
HMHMW12 12" Dia. $44.95
HMHMW19 19" Dia. $74.95

We have the 12" dia. in stock.

Part # Size Price
HMCPB15 15" x 5" $44.95
HMCPB35 35" X 12" $74.95
We have the smaller size in stock.

Part # Size Price
HMCPTW7 7"x2" Magnet/td> $19.95
HMCPTW20 20" X 6" $44.95
HMCPTW30 30" X 8.5" $95.00

Vintage race shop signs

These are small embossed copies of the race teams old shop signs.
Pressed in aluminum with the team colors highlighting the embossed areas.
Sign #1 Early Wood Brothers
Size 12" round sign
Sign #2 later Wood Brothers
12" By 12" shop sign

Sign #3 Dan Gurney AAR
Size is 12" by 16"
Sign #4 Cotton Owens team
12" round sign



Holman & Moody photos printed on white vinyl with 4 grommets to mount them on your garage wall. While the sizes do very a bit most are 36" wide by 24" high. We have thousands of photos so we may be able to print one just for you.
The photos shown are in stock but there may be others that match your interest.

Priced at $90.00 each

Banner #1 #17 David's Holman & Moody Talladega

Banner #2 Cutaway drawing

Banner #3 is Goodwood 2003

Banner #4 Pebble Beach 2003

Banner #5 is Mark Is at Daytona

Banner #6 Alan Mann Team Coupe Le Mans 65

Banner #7 Mark II at Daytona 1966

Banner #8 Mark IVs on display

Banner #16 Fairlane at Goodwood

Vinyl Photo Banners

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